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Slip and Fall Accidents: Safety Requirements for Property Owners 

As the owner or possessor of a property, you have a responsibility to prevent, remove, and repair potential dangers that might cause slip-and-fall accidents.

Conversely, if you have suffered an injury after slipping or tripping on someone else’s property, you may have a personal injury case.

That said, not every slip and fall will give rise to liability. The claimant must first prove that the other party was negligent and failed to ensure the premises were safe.

What are the Safety Requirements for Owners in Slip-and-Fall Cases?

To establish liability, the victim must prove the following:

  •  The accident was caused by a health and safety hazard on the premises.

  •  It was reasonably foreseeable that someone might trip or slip and fall.

  •  The owner or possessor knew – or at least should have known – about the risk but negligently failed to address it.  

That means an owner or possessor must take care to eliminate safety hazards that pose an unreasonable risk. Examples include:

  •  Potholes

  •  Poor lighting

  •  Torn carpeting

  •  Slippery or uneven surfaces

  •  Obstacles in a walking path

  •  A lack of handrails or warning signage

However, visitors ought to be aware of and anticipate obvious dangers. Tripping and falling while texting, for instance, is unlikely to give rise to liability.

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Have More Questions About Slip and Fall Liability?

Each slip-and-fall case is unique. The outcome typically turns on a combination of common sense, the particular circumstances of the accident, and how the court will interpret abstract concepts like “negligence” and “reasonableness.” 

To ensure the best possible outcome for you, it is essential to retain a specialist personal injury attorney. Our Walker Law Group experts can advise you on how best to protect your interests.

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