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You Were Injured Outside a Business Due to the Business’s Negligence. What Are Your Options?

If you sustained injuries outside a business, such as a trip or slip and fall accident, you may be eligible for monetary compensation. This can be in the form of an insurance settlement or court-ordered damages. 

However, you would first need to prove that you were injured outside a business due to the business’s negligence.

Injured Outside a Business? Here Is How to Prove Negligence

The three building blocks of a personal injury case are:

  •  The business must owe you a duty of care;

  •  The business must have breached their duty of care through negligence or recklessness; and

  •  You must have sustained harm as a result of that duty-of-care breach. 

You have to prove all three elements to win your case.  

Business owners typically owe a duty of care to their customers or visitors. Proving negligence, however, can be more challenging. To do that, you need to show that the business failed to take reasonable measures in the circumstances. Depending on the case, these may include:

  •  Inspecting the premises for potential health and safety hazards

  •  Cleaning the area to prevent slips and falls

  •  Putting up warning signage for wet floors or other hazards

  •  Placing non-slippery mats or rugs near entranceways

  •  Repairing crumbling or cracked pavement

  •  Installing adequate lighting 

  •  Removing physical obstacles from walking paths

  •  Maintaining parking lots and sidewalks in a good condition

  •  Removing ice and snow 

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